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Ok its time for your monthly comic! YAY! I'm really sorry for such a late up date you guys, things have been more hectic than I thought this month. Anyways some of you may be confused on the comic. Tofustyle is seeing something of a reunion, basically Hale, Wolf and I are collaborating and making comics where its all of out art on one page, Today's comic features a Hale and I. As for this new setting in the comic, it will be explained, i just dont want to ruin anything in a rant, but it should be some good medieval tymes. I you guys are bored and want to keep tabs on the life an times of Josh then goto Soylent Studio I have a blog there as well as a gallery for artists to post their stuff up there, wanna get yourself a lil place to post your stuff, email me or shoutbox me.
Has anyone played with the new iphone yet? something about it eats away at the very core of me telling its the most powerful toy in the world....not quite. Well I hope everyong enjoys the comic, hopefully we can expect more in the future.
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